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                                                               March 20th -  April 20th

                             Ruling Planet:     Mars                                Element:   Fire

Glyph:   Ram's Horns                                Keywords:  Initiator, Impulsive, Courageous

Suggested Gemstones:  Red Agate, Red Aventurine, Garnet, Magnetite, Ruby, Ruby Zoisite

Predictions for 2016 for Aries:

Greatest changes in this upcoming year are for the Aries individuals born:
                                                                March 24th & 25th ,  April 5th, 6th, 14th & 15th

   Not a whole lot going on in the Cardinal Astrological signs this year – and Aries is the first Cardinal sign of the zodiac.
    Over this past few years we have seen Uranus (planet of unexpected events) herald some great changes within your sign……..
2014 – saw Uranus really create unexpected events for Aries born Apr 3rd – 7th
2015 – saw Uranus create unexpected events for Aries born Apr 7th – 11th
2016 – will see Uranus create unexpected events for Aries born Apr 11th – 15th
And so we will see it continue until Uranus makes it way completely out of the Aries sign and into Taurus in 2019.
    Uranus has been pushing your sign to be the Leader you have come to be and on December 26th 2015 it stopped its retrograding motion and pushed you in a direction it needed you to go!  This force will continue until July 29th 2016 and then it starts its regular retrogradation period where it will allow you to play catch-up before the push arrives again on December 29th 2016.

   Mercury enters the sign of Aries on 21st March - - whereby communication automatically gets changed from inward to outward!  Plans are put into motion and communication holds a lot of discussion about moving forward!  Onward and upward is the mindset as Mercury changes from Mutable Pisces into the sign of  Cardinal (leadership) Aries.

    Venus moves into Aries on April 5th – signalling how much love is expended outward to their fellow man.  Within a week, Venus feels the push from Mars to move every mountain and continue the climb – Venus frees her hair and away she goes – try to catch her if you can!

   New Moon on April 7th should bring a lot of unexpected events as it’s in your sign Aries and connects itself not far from Uranus!   Plus Saturn also in a fire sign gives it an extra boost – it may be a day of not really caring what responsibility goes along with this idea – I want to do it anyway!!!!  It’s a ‘go on a whim’ kinda day……..just realize that all choices deal with consequences and this one may simply be worth it!

    October 16th holds the Full Moon in your sign Aries and just like the rest of your year – it sits directly right on top of Uranus – the planet of unexpected events.  Get ready to rock and roll – this one should be a doozy!!!  Even if you think you can ‘guess’ the unexpected – don’t bother to try – that aint it!!!! Love may be in the air – but it would be someone you would absolutely least expect to show up.  This would be the time to set up a Full Moon Drumming party, put the invite on facebook and then sit back and see who shows up!

     Follow your instincts this year - allow yourself to make mistakes - and continue on your way.  You're on the right tract, you simply may come to some forks in the road that may be non-expected.  Gather them all - nothing in life is coincidental!

   Even though Jupiter is not moving through your sign Aries, it will move through the sign opposite your sign, Libra starting in September.  This will turn your entire focus to relationships and partnerships – both love and business.  You may choose to join forces with another person later in the year.

  Mars retrograde in April may bring some frustration to creation of an ending.  Truthfulness will be questioned and personal growth may be put on hold from April 17th-June 29th.  Expect a long-distance venture either early Spring or late Summer.

    Saturn has been pushing you hard since late last year when it entered into the sign of Sagittarius, your fellow Fire sign.  It has forced you to totally look at your belief system and distinguish what is real and what is not.  When it retrogrades in March it will allow you to catch up, but get ready, because when it turns direct again in mid-August you will be back to the races.  This growth spurt is nowhere near finished!  Enjoy the ride!

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