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ClDestiny Calls

                                         Beginner Certification to Astrology Classes 
                                         This course will be conducted via Zoom - online
                                         Cost:  $150.00  - - per Level

                                         8pm (Atlantic Time)    7pm (EST)   

                                         LEVEL ONE
                                          Feb 11th  - Signs
                                          Feb 18th  - Houses
                                          Feb 25th  - Planets
                                          Mar 4th  – Elements

                                         LEVEL TWO
                                         Mar 18th  - Modalities
                                         Mar 29th - Dignities   
                                         Apr 1st - Aspecting - Conjunctions
                                         Apr 8th  - Basic Delineation

                                         LEVEL THREE
                                         Apr 22nd  -  Aspecting - Trines & Squares
                                         Apr 29th  -  Oppositions & Sextiles
                                         May 6th  - Creating an Aspectarian
                                         May 13th  - Dispositor Tree(s)

                                        LEVEL FOUR - COMPLETION LEVEL FOR  BEGINNER CERTIFICATION
                                        May 27th  -  Working with the Moon cycle
                                        Jun 3rd  - Saturn - Nemesis or Friend
                                        June 10th - Planetary Cycles
                                        June 17th  - Review & Practice

FAQ - - Do I have to take all 4 levels to get a basic knowledge?
               No, some people simply will choose to do Level 1 to get a basic knowledge about what a chart looks like and
                a better understanding of the language of astrology.
               In order to receive your actual Certification though - you must complete all 4 levels plus a test at the end.

               Do I have to pay for all 4 levels at once?
               No, payment is due for each Level separately.  However payment for that Level must be received before we
               begin the Level.

                If I can't make the actual class, will there be a recording?
               Yes,  there is a recording created at the end of each class.  The link to those recordings are then emailed to
                each student for their review

               What about if I've read a lot of books and already know a lot of this stuff?
                That can be discussed on a one-on-one basis directly with Holly.
                I do highly recommend starting the study with Holly right from  the very beginning.  
               Each astrologer will teach differently and there is always something new to learn.

              Will we be studying our own charts?
                Yes, mainly, however we will be using a lot of 'famous' people charts to also aid in our learning

               Do I have to do the test at the end in order to receive my Certification?
                Yes, this is the only way that Holly will know you understand the material.   To all students - when the course
               is taught again, you will be able to attend 1 full certification and may choose to write your exam after going
               through the course for the 2nd time.

              How do I register?
               Email Holly@hollypoole.com  to say you wish to register.   If Holly has done a reading for you previously....she
               will already have your chart information.  (She uses student's charts during the classes in order to help facilitate
                learning).   If she has not already done a reading with you, when you register, please provide your Birthdate,
               Birthplace & Birthtime.......

               How can I pay?
                E-Transfer to:     Holly@hollypoole.com
                OR    Paypal :   Holly@hollypoole.com
                OR    Paypal:     (Holly is happy to invoice directly to you).....