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                                                       December 21st - January 20th

                  Ruling Planet:    Saturn                        Element:    Earth

                 Glyph:   Sea-Goat                                 Keywords:  Pragmatic, ambitious, reliable

Suggested Gemstones:  Argonite, Black Diamond, Yellow Jasper, Lepidolite, Snowflake Obsidian,
                                                    Black Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Star Sapphire, Sardonyx

  Predictions for 2016:

   Greatest changes in this upcoming year are for the Capricorn individuals born:
                                                  December 24th, 25th &  January 8th, 9th 17th & 18th

    The first Mercury retrograde of the season happens in your sign and will definitely affect our Capricorn friends born Jan 6th-Jan 22nd).  Be extremely careful what you sign, especially if it has any type of ‘business’ deal connected to it.  You are the business persona Capricorn – don’t be caught with your pants down!

    New Moon  on January 10th is in your sign allows for some serious conversations – most of it centered around your plans on moving forward into 2016.  Pluto travelling through your sign makes you look backward to discover what did and did not work in 2015 – this New Moon will be the beginning of your movement forward with the new plan in place.

    Venus moves into your sign on January 23rd asking you to identify what in your life makes your heart sing!  You may find that life has changed so much over these past 5 years, that perhaps it is something different than what it was even just last year.  Don’t be so serious about it Capricorn, it’s perfectly okay to change your mind.

  Full Moon of July 19th happens in the sign of Capricorn – the pressure is now on to get that project done – enough is enough!   Mars in Scorpio helps with this pressure by discovering new ways of doing things that we didn’t know before - - lets just make this go away is the order of the day!

  The last Mercury Retrograde of the year starts in your sign and then moves backwards into the sign of Sagittarius, but it will be extremely important to be cognizant at the beginning to make sure everything is in order.  This Mercury retrograde that starts on December 19th says you should have all your large Christmas gifts already purchased before this time – especially if there is anything Electronic to go under the tree! 

   You are graced with the last Full Moon of the year in your sign Capricorn!  With Mercury retrograding close by – what’s the use to discuss it – we might as well drink!  We are just about at the end of the year, so why worry ourselves about 2017 – there will be time to do that later…..next week sometime…..or next month….but not right now!

  The planning of a Grand Adventure should be in the works by the time Jupiter turns direct in early May!  Because when Jupiter moves into the sign of Libra your work world becomes so highlighted that there won’t be much time for play – so make sure its fully in your plans Capricorn  FUN FUN FUN from May – September before work becomes extremely serious again.

  Uranus over this past year (2015) has brought some unexpected events around a foundation (whether a home or a job) – it’s a bit of a ‘on-again’ / ‘off-again’ scenario.  Ideas abound, but that’s as far as it generally gets.  March will see the ‘on-again’ scenario and then it will be ‘off-again’ until roughly late summer.  So perhaps the ‘ideas’ are best on paper for just right now.

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