Holly Poole
Intuitive Astrologer
M.Sc Healtheology

Gemstone Therapy
    The healing power of gemstones was discovered over 5000 years ago and mankind today can still feel the vibrations of each of the gemstones when they are held in the hand or placed on the body.

    Our belief is that each illness  has a composition of 4 parts: Spiritual, Mental, Physical, and Emotional.  Our Doctors and Physicians look after the "Physical" portion of each illness.  But who looks after the Spiritual, Mental and Emotional?

     Holly combines a lot of her therapies in order to satisfy each of these portions of the disease.

     Gemstone Therapy will help to work on all planes. 

     Spiritually the Gemstones work to clear any past beliefs that may be affecting our beliefs of today.   They can be used to clear away the debris left over from past lifetimes, brought forward by reincarnation, into this lifetime.

     Mentally, they help to bring clairity into a troubled mindset.  They allow for clarity of mind by bringing the meridians of your body back into alignment.

     Emotionally they help to absorb blockages of fear and past life beliefs that can often keep us stuck in this lifetime.

      And last, but not least, physically they can bring the Chakras, back into alignment.

      Included in the Gemstone Therapy, Holly also instills Polarity Healing as extensively written about by Richard Gordon.  An analogy we can use is of a car battery.  The positive and negative have to be in alignment in order to make that car run.  Our body holds that same alignment.  Parts of our body hold a negative charge and parts of our body hold a positive charge.  Without proper alignment, our body can feel out of balance. 

      Depending on what Holly feels to be necessary, she may include:  Hypnotherapy, Meditation, and/or Psychic Surgery.

  References (with permission):

" Holly, I really had no idea how badly I actually felt.  This has truly been enlightening.  I feel like I could reach the moon.   Thank you so much for your patience and your guidance."    Janice Morris.

"Wow...is there anything further to say?"     Joan Surrey

"This is amazing.....I haven't been pain-free like this for years!  Why doesn't our Health Care know about this?"  Pat Wall

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