Holly Poole
Intuitive Astrologer
M.Sc Healthology

Frequently Asked Questions
about Gemstone Therapy

1.  Will one Treatment be sufficient?

    Gemstone therapy works on the same premise as antibiotics.  We try to get a build-up within the physical body enough to help fight whatever may be out of balance within the body.  This will also build the vibration of the body.  As a general rule of thumb, Holly suggests to get the base started by booking 3 separate appointments with 3 weeks in between each appointment.  This will create an excellent base.   There will be a feeling of wellness even after the first treatment.

2.  If Dis-ease has already entered my body, how often will I have to come for therapy?
    Everyone is unique, so a plan would be build specific to your needs.

3.  How do I know I will benefit from Gemstone Therapy?
   Everyone benefits!  We live in a stressful world where we constantly pick up energy forms that can often drag you down.
    If you are feeling lost, stressed out, confused, in pain, stiffness, achiness, emotionally drained, lethargic, lack of desire to move, water retention, frequent colds, a general feeling of being unwell, this means your internal and external energy field needs a boost and gemstone therapy can help you tremendously.
   Following a major operation of any kind, it is always good to get your meridians and chakras re-aligned.  Gemstone therapy helps intensely with the healing process.

4.  Will Gemstone therapy interfere with the drugs I presently take?
    No, Gemstone Therapy is very gentle and will not create any interference with any drug that is correctly working within your body.
    Note of caution:   If you experience high blood pressure, or is dealing with cancer, please ensure you mention this to any practitioner.

5.  How will I feel after a session?
     You should feel very relaxed and an actual feeling of weight-less-ness.  This feeling comes from the fact that it is much more difficult trying to go through life with our meridians out of balance.  Gemstone Therapy will put your meridians back into balance, hence giving you a feeling of a release of stress.

6.  What is the cost of each session?
     Cost of a session is $60.00.