Holly Poole
Intuitive Astrologer
M.Sc Healthology

Frequently asked questions about
Readings by Holly
1.  Do I have to go to your home office in order to get a reading?
    No, Holly is an International Astrologer who facilitates readings worldwide. She has clients in the Virgin Islands, throughout Europe, dispersed throughout the USA and across Canada.  A convenient time can be discussed for both of you and the reading can be done via telephone or Skype.  
   The other option is for Holly to do the reading without your input and mail you the CD.

2.  How do I transfer funds if I do not come to your office?
    If you do online banking with a Canadian bank, Holly accepts Email Money transfers.  If you are in another country other than Canada, we can be assisted by PayPal.
     Holly will advise you of the date she will be completing the reading. All monies owing are due previous to that date.

3.  How long will I have to wait for a booking of a reading?
     It has always been Holly's intent to book a client ASAP for his/her reading.  Her personal belief is that when someone requests a reading, there is often something significant going on in that individual's life.  Maximum wait time - 2 months.  Holly's preference would be 2-3 weeks, but this is not always possible due to scheduling and Holly's travel calender.

4.  What information will I require to provide for an Astrology Reading?
        Birthdate  ie  January 28, 1968     Birthplace ie  Halifax, Nova Scotia      ** Birthtime:   ie  7:45pm
     ** Sometimes people do not know their birth time however the closer we are, the more accurate the reading will be.
      - Perhaps someone in your family may remember. ie  Mom was just about reading to have lunch etc.
      - Hospitals do keep records, so it may be beneficial to call your birth hospital.
        If there is absolutely no possible way of finding your birth time...Holly will ask for your "Birth name" - and she will use a pendulum to dowse for birth timing.

5.  Do I need any of the information in #4 if I want a Tarot  or Intuitive Reading?     No

6.  During my reading, am I allowed to ask questions?
        Absolutely!  Often people come to their reading with pre-written questions which can be reviewed either previous to the reading, or at the end (your choice).  Often those questions are automatically answered during the reading.  If there is something that is troubling you, it is often very evident within your astrological chart, or your tarot cards.
        Holly encourages open discussion to ensure the understanding of the information.

7.  Am I allowed to bring someone with me to listen in to the reading?
    That is a personal choice.  Having another person in the room, does not affect the intuitive ability of Holly.  Readings can be extremely personal, and sometimes, no matter how well someone knows us, they may not know us on a Soul level.  It is very common for clients to shed tears during one of Holly's reading as it feels like she is reaching in and touching your Soul.
     As Holly is doing the reading, she will be running a CD in the background.  Rather than have someone sit with you during the actual reading, why not set up a time after the reading to share the CD with them versus having them be there at the initial reading.

8.  Will Holly discuss with me 'when I am going to die" (or any family members death).
    No eithical Astrologer or Reader would go that route.  This is often used for sensationalism and TV type drama.
    Having a reading with Holly is never a scary event.  She has been trained, not only as a Reader, but also as a Soul Counselor.  Her main theme is about moving you forward easier in life.  Talking about 'death' serves no purpose.

9.  How often should I get a Reading?
    Astrology readings should be a minimum of once per year
    Tarot/Intuitive Counselling generally is whenever it is needed.

10. What is the cost of the Readings?                                                   

      Astrology:          Natal / Child / Vocational       $100.00 each                                        
                                  Synastry                                   $150.00                                        

      Tarot:                                                                    $70.00 / 1 hour                               

       Intuitive Counselling                                         $70.00 / 1 hour                             

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