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      I’ve always been a believer that ‘how something starts….is how something finishes’.  Which means that if relationships, jobs, situations start on a bad footing – that is how they end.   If relationships, jobs, situations start on a good footing – that is how it ends.

     Because of that belief system, I’ve always tried to work with planetary alignments versus against them…..which bring me into the discussion of 2014.
   Numerologically 2014 adds to ‘7’………and as we know, ‘7’ energy can often be in the form of ‘retreat’, ‘review’, and ‘re-organize’.  That is exactly how 2013 is ending and how 2014 is beginning!  Will we see that energy continue throughout the entire year?  I’m willing to bet that we will see it as an under-tone throughout all that happens this year. 
  Can that bring in prosperity?  More than anything else, it can force us to ‘complete’ things that we have been ‘thinking’ about doing in order to move ahead in life.  Just take a moment, and question – What do you truly need to ‘finish’ in your life?  Perhaps it may be – finishing of a degree.  It may be finishing of a home.  It may be finishing a novel you have started to write.  This is definitely the year to do ‘completions’.  The year of 2015 will Numerologically be an ‘8’ year – there won’t be time to ‘finish’ anything – it will be a constant Go, Go Go.  So this year (2014) needs to be viewed as a year that will lend ‘stability’ to the ‘8’ year.  What can you organize in your life this year that will help you be ready and set to go for 2015?

       January 1st presented us with a New Moon which invited us into the energy of ‘new’ things.  But I caution you here……because next to the New Moon sits the planet “Pluto”.  And Pluto will put the brakes on here saying:  “no, no…..no moving ahead until you finish what is behind you.”   It can offer ‘new’ ways of looking at life!  It can offer ‘new’ ways of seeing completion…..but I really don’t think we will be seeing ‘brand new things, we’ve not seen before’…….

     Sun and Moon together are at 10 Deg Capricorn and Pluto is at 11 Deg Capricorn - - pretty much keeping guard over that new moon.  Plus, not too far away is Mercury (planet of communication) sitting at 12 Deg Capricorn.  Mercury is going to force us to ‘talk’ about what we need to complete and to help us discuss some of the best ways to do it.  Because of them - some of you may still be questioning - - So when will I begin to feel like I have just entered a 'new' year.....it feels more of the same (right now).

    Perhaps your work/life shifted for you in September 2013……and it never really came to completion.  This New Moon will ask you to look back over your life……what did you miss back there?   Do you see how 2014 is setting up to be a ‘stabilizing’ year?  I think we will see this all around us – in government, in industry, in trade relations, and in nation integration.

    Also on January 1st we felt the continuation of a Venus Retrograde (Dec 21st – Jan 31st).  So this forces you to really go within to discover - - What, Who and Why you love.  You will find yourself asking - - Am I really interested in doing “……” anymore?   Do I still love hanging out with ………..?   Do I still enjoy ………?  Will I want to be doing this job when I finish this year? Even though Venus turns direct on January 31st – remember ‘how something starts…is how something finishes’.  So, I believe that because 2014 starts like that – with those ‘love/pleasure’ questions – I believe we will finish the year asking a lot of those same questions – it will continue to be a lot of your thought process throughout this year.  However, let me also say - I believe by January 31st there is a lot of clarity that does come with Venus turning back around.  Where Venus retrogrades in your personal chart (what house its in) will determine ‘who’ and ‘what’ you will be questioning.  (For those of you who have had readings with me from June onwards in the last year – we would have discussed this retrograde – please go back and re-listen to your CD).

   Also on January 1st we continued to experience a Jupiter Retrograde (Nov 6th – Mar 6th).  Jupiter is our planet of expansion……so somewhere within your chart – there is a stall-out feature.  Again, I think this goes back to my point of the New Moon with Pluto and the Universe saying:  “No…you are NOT going to expand until you deal with/finish this.”  The house in your chart that Jupiter is retrograding in, tells us where in life you have stalled.  (For those of you who have had readings with me in the later part of last year – we would have discussed this retrograde – please go back and re-listen to your CD). If it has stalled in your 5th house – you may be looking to move to another home, or change schools for your kid, etc.  If it stalled in your 2nd house, you may want a new job – looking for increase in money etc.

    The other interesting point within the charts is that the North Node at 5 Deg Scorpio on January 1st…..is actually sitting at the exact place that we all experienced an  Eclipse in April 25th 2013.  Back in April, the Universe was trying to get you to in-depthly look at letting something go…….to restart and look at whether it was bringing you closer to what you wanted to be.  I guarantee you, an opening appeared in April 2013 – did you see it?  This, again, is another opportunity.  Often when we have a planet go through an eclipse point (the exact place where an eclipse had been)….we get a lot of political and weather fallout.  This may be a bit different, as it is the “North Node to the Moon” which is not a planet….it is simply a ‘point’.  But this is a lot of where this crazy crazy weather is coming from…..

    You will find that after January 11th, Mercury (planet of communication) will move out of the serious sign of Capricorn (where everything is a whole-big deal) into the sign of Aquarius (where it will remain for the rest of January.)   Aquarians often think ‘outside of the box’ so with Mercury moving into this sign, it will help to provide solutions you may not have seen coming.

    Presently, as I write this (and right on up to Jan 23rd)…we are all experiencing a Grand Cardinal Cross - - that’s a bit of a mouthful isn’t it?
    So the heavens look like ‘this” – no matter what astrological sign you are….you are being affected by this cross…..

    As you can see – I’ve taken away a few of the planets that are also moving around but I wanted to show you how the line-up for the Cardinal Cross presently looks.  This means we are all at Cross-roads and its important to know ‘how’ and ‘where’ it shows up in your chart because there are decisions that need to be made in those areas of your life.

   Uranus (8 Deg Aries)…..is slinging all kinds of unexpected events out way…..(which is affecting all the Fire signs out there)…
    Straight across from that is Mars (14 Deg Libra) - - aggressively trying to get us to balance out life and find inner harmony (which is affecting all the Air signs out there).
     Because Uranus is straight across from Mars – we are a little shell-shocked as to what ‘might’ be coming around the corner.
     Then we have Pluto (11 Deg Capricorn) - - this is about ‘endings’ to start new beginnings.  On some level we are saying  “I’m outta here”….then in the next breath we are saying “ohhh but wait a minute – is there actually a ‘better’ place to be – perhaps not”….so we feel stuck.  This is affecting the Earth signs.
     Last but not least we have Jupiter (15 Deg Cancer) – Retrograding.  Jupiter is the planet of expansion and as I said earlier - - we aren’t going anywhere as long as Jupiter retrogrades.

           So, do I think 2014 can be a fantastic year?  You betcha!!!!  We will be forced to clean up our own backyards…and life…..before it allows us to move forward.  Let’s put those plans into action……start by buying a ‘planner’….and each month work on something specific that will get you closer to your goal.

    If you have not been to see me in a year – it's time to get another astrology reading.  I now give a full year’s calendar to people showing how each of those upcoming planetary changes will affect you for the rest of your year.  Do you truly know where your focus should be for 2014?

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