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                                                                      May 20th - June 20th

                              Ruling Planet:     Mercury                               Element:   Air

Glyph:   The Twins                               Keywords: Dual, versatile

Suggested Gemstones: Banded Agate, Tree Agate, Alexandrite, Ametrine, Citrine,
Leopardskin Jasper

  Predictions for 2016:

   Greatest changes in this upcoming year are for the Gemini individuals born:
                                                           May 22nd & 23rd, June 3rd, 4th, 12th, 13th & 21st.

   Mars will start to retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius on April 17th – why should you care – you ask?   Because Sagittarius is the sign directly across from Gemini - - so you will feel this immense pull to clear things up and get them out of the way.  Those things that you have perhaps felt somewhat lax on will haunt you – it is necessary to pay a full amount of attention on those because when Mars turns back direct (June 29th) – there will be simply too many ‘other’ things to do in order to clear it all.  Use the Mars energy wisely – or you will perhaps live to regret it.

   Saturn has been travelling through the sign of Sagittarius since late last year and it has been affecting your sign because of it travelling in the sign opposite to you sign.  (you probably are thinking – why am I caring about OTHER signs crap – see above re: Mars).  Lol      Saturn has been putting the pressure on you to “Focus” Gemini – which is something you don’t particularly like to do!
   Over this past time, it has created untold tension for Geminis born May 30th – June 6th – forcing you to stop dead in your tracks and get it all together.   When Saturn retrogrades (March 25th) it will offer somewhat of a reprieve – but the lesson won’t go away!  It doesn’t want you bouncing all over the globe – it wants you to focus on something you want to do, that would be fun, and give you self-satisfaction!   When Saturn turns Direct again on August 13th – it will be asking you that question - - WHAT have you discovered that you like to do best?  Saturn is giving you some time to figure that out before the pressure resumes whereby it will be reviewing it with Geminis born May 30th – June 6th….but it will also include May 30th – June 12th – so hopefully you’ll be ready.  The opportunities will be there if you wish to take it!

  New Moon on June 5th is in your sign totally opposing Saturn in Sagittarius!  So this New Moon asks us to talk about things – yes identify your sense of responsibility – but perhaps there is another way around things!   Make a plan with someone who can be objective and help you identify why you are feeling as you do.  This New Moon can be a great friend for you as you see life through a different set of eyes!

   Venus moves into social Gemini  on May 24th – where communication is at its highest!   This is social time Gemini – no time for being alone here!  Lets go for a drive and see where we end up is the order of today – nothing planned works just fine for this Gemini, especially on these specific days as Venus moves through Gemini.

   Mercury (planet of communication) enters your sign Gemini on June 12th.  Mercury is so at home here that it is a fantastic time to begin a ‘writing’ project.  Always wanted to write that book – now is the time to begin!  Mercury gives credence to what you have been thinking all along – now its time to put your thoughts on paper.

    Last Full Moon of the year shows up in your sign Gemini on December 14th.  You are so sick and tired about the talk of ‘responsibility” that you feel like you’d like to throw up – enough already - - lets move along, shall we?  Let us offer solutions that perhaps can work for everyone, especially me!  Let us be joyous and merry shall we?   When is the next party scheduled and how can I get myself invited?

   Even though there are no eclipses happening in the sign of Gemini, the eclipses are locating themselves in your Career section of your chart.  With Neptune presently sitting in that sector of your chart, it is important for you to incorporate some drama and fantastical mindset within your career.  What a great year for writing and becoming published!

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