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                                                            September 22nd - October 21st

Ruling Planet:     Venus                          Element:    Air

Glyph:   The scales of justice                 Keywords: Judging, harmony, relationship

Suggested Gemstones:  Green Chrysoberyl, Emerald, Fuchsite, Lapis Lazuli, White Marble,
                                                       Prehnite, Chinese truquoise

  Predictions for 2016

    Greatest changes in this upcoming year are for the Libra individuals born:
                                                 September 27th & 28th, October 8th, 9th, 17th & 18th

    2015 we had a Lunar eclipse in early April affecting mainly our Libra friends born early in early October.  This saw a lot of the changing of the mindset as we moved forward into 2016.
    2016 we have another Lunar eclipse on March 23rd mainly affecting our friends born late September.  Lunar eclipses are about shutting down of the old….and allowing for the opening of the new.  This eclipse will be asking you to ‘let go’ of something in order to make room for a ‘new’ to enter…..it may be until late August before the actual event takes place.

    Even though Uranus (planet of unexpected events) is not travelling through your personal sign, it is travelling through the sign opposite of yours – Aries.  It has created a lot of chaos over these past few years with our Aries friends – but you Libras have been receiving the Fall-out.  This year is not different – it disrupts harmony and balance in life and we are all happy when Uranus starts to retrograde – which is in July – but between now and then stay tuned for a bumpy ride, especially our Libra friends born Oct 14th – 18th. 

  New Moon of October 1st takes place in your sign Libra – showing you new ways of bringing peace, harmony and love into your life.  Jupiter is biting at your heels, moving you along in case you linger in the one spot to long – no time for fascination with how you look in the mirror Libra – lets move it along now – time is a-tickin’

  Jupiter travelling through the subconscious part of your being over this past year has had you digging deeply.  There is an inner part to you that you are just experiencing – mostly due to past life memories emerging.  You are holding a lot within and trying not to show it on your face – what we see is not necessarily what we get. Some secrets are just better kept within – why upset the apple-cart – let’s just wait and see how it all rolls.

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