Holly Poole
Intuitive Astrologer
M.Sc Healtheology

Who is Holly Poole

        Holly was named one of  "Canada's Outstanding Young Citzens" as a teenager.  This began her journey of helping to change people's lives.  Her dream of becoming a Teacher showed up in many forms throughout her life; from teaching piano lessons, to creating a choir, to being a leader with Girl Guides.

       Always a forward thinker, she began her Corporate World journey where she grew from being an Administrative Assistant  to District Manager to Human Resource Manager and finally to Main Facilitator within an International company.   Her dream of being the teacher became reality.

       Life then took another turn when she was introduced to the world of Astrology - quite by accident.  Or was it?  For four years, she was enrolled in the Colegio Internacional De Astrologia in New York, mentored by Dr. Walter Coleman.  Under this program, she received her Astrology Certification. both as a professional astrologer, as well as an astrology teacher and a synastry astrologer.  What she didn't realize, was this twist in life's journey was just beginning.  The world of astrology opened up an entirely new way of thinking, as well as a new venue of understanding the polarities that happens within our world.  

      In 1999, Holly felt the insatiable need to once again begin studying.  Again, by accident, she stumbled upon the American Institute of Holistic Theology in Alabama.  She began, first the Bachelors and then the Masters progam in Healtheology (now named - Holistic Health).   By 2003 this Masters program was complete.

      2016 began another study into a different field of Astrology called Medical Astrology.  Medical Astrology has always been a passion for Holly - the integration of our birth chart detailing various medical conditions found within.  Will Holly diagnose illness?  Definitely not!  However, upon completion of her studies, Holly's hope is to help clients get a better handle of systems within their body, and with the aid of their personal physician, pinpoint propensities that may be the root cause of their Dis-ease.

     She incorporates Heatheology with her Astrology knowledge throughout every reading.  This gives her various tools to use as a Life Coach Counselor.  She is able to understand astrologically how the planets are affecting the individual as well as where life's lessons are coming in.  So, astrology readings with Holly, is never "just" about astrology - it is a smorgasbord of her studies.

     Holly continues to study on a constant basis as her life's journey continues and this is one of the major adjuncts she offers her clients.  Her "now" attitude keeps life current.  She builds a relationship as she assists her clients with their journeys.  She respects the choices of all clients.

     She is an empowering speaker, who is passionate about relaying all information.  A common statment from her audience is: "I could listen to you speak all day".   People are enthralled with her humor as well as her wealth of information.  They "feel"  that she is enthusiastic about helping individuals become their Authentic Self.  It is her combination of confidence and vulnerability, the ability to have people laughing one minute and teary-eyed the next as she discloses some hilarious life lessons.  Holly's theory?  We learn best when we are having fun!

      If you meet her, you won't forget her!


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