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                                                                February 19th - March 20th

                   Ruling Planet:    Neptune (Jupiter)                          Element:   Water

                  Glyph:   Fish swimming in opposite directions      Keywords:  Visionary, Dreamer

Suggested Gemstones:  Aquamarine, Amethyst, Yellow Calcite, Pink Chalcedony, Fluorite,
                                                    White Jade, Green Jasper, Larimar, Nephrite, Seraphinite

    Predictions for 2016:

   Greatest changes in this upcoming year are for the Piscean individuals born:
                                                                  February 25th & 26th, Mar 6th , 7th, 15th, & 16th.

   Even though Jupiter has been travelling through the sign of Virgo, it has brought consternation to you Pisces.  Virgo has been pushing you to move along, get things done, push it forward and yet there always appeared to be a block of some kind in front of you.
  While the rest of the world will be lamenting about Jupiter retrograding (Jan 8th – May 9th), I suspect it will allow you fully to play catch-up especially to our Pisces individuals born Mar 4th – 14th.   Jupiter may be good luck, but not so much when it is travelling in the sign opposite of our own.  You have at least until May 9th to get everything in order!

   We have a Solar Eclipse happening in your sign on March 8th - - this can be heralding some really good news – especially for our Pisces friends who were born around March 9th.    I’d be expecting that great news somewhere around mid-March as the planet Mercury travelled through the Eclipse point.
    On September 1st we have a Solar Eclipse happening in Virgo – straight across from your sign.  This will definitely shine a light your way to check in on your progress and to see how you are doing with the projects you initiated earlier in the year.  The Virgo eclipse may be a bit harsh if you’ve only been ‘thinking’ about it – versus doing anything about it.  Make sure already have a full head start before this Eclipses gives you a push you may not want to have.

   Venus moves into your sign Pisces on March 12th  – where Venus loves to enter the Dream State and play in the world of Fantasy for awhile.  Venus is extremely strong as she travels through the sign of Pisces.  It’s a time to pull out costumes and put on a play even if it may only have an audience of one other person – can be quite the night of romance and dreaminess!

    On September 16th we have a Full Moon Eclipse – called a Lunar Eclipse at 24 Deg Pisces.  This will affect everyone, however it will majorly affect our Pisces friends born around mid-March.  Lunar Eclipses ask us to re-connect with our Ancestors and to remember Past Lifetimes, helping us to identify with our purpose here on Earth.  The Asteroid Chiron will be adjoining that Eclipse – we can use Chiron as the Greatest Teacher or as the Wounded Warrior – take up the Cross Pisces – you can do it!

    Don’t worry if there may be an opportunity that escapes you March/April because when Mars retrogrades Apr 17th – Jun 29th – the opportunity will rewind – and will come back to you.  Allow the South node travelling through your sign open up past life memories – you may find that 2016 will be the year you will choose to change the way you present yourself to the general public.  Let the true dreamer emerge and come forward!

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