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                                                         November 21st - December 21st

                                   Ruling Planet:     Jupiter                        Element:   Fire

                           Glyph:   Archer                                       Keywords: Expansion, freedom

Suggested Gemstones: Apatite, Azurite, Celestite, Falcon's Eye, Iolite, Kyanite, Pietersite,
                                                        Rhodochrosite, Watermelon Tourmaline

   Predictions for 2016:

    Greatest changes in this upcoming year are for the Sagittarian individuals born"
                                                              November 25th & 26th,  December 6th, 7th, 15th & 16th

    Mars will enter your sign in very early March where it will make you feel like you are perhaps spinning out of control without a lot of focus.
   Then on April 17th, Mars starts to retrograde – this will give you somewhat of a reprieve as the aggression will lessen, as it moves back into the previous astrological sign of Scorpio.   In late June Mars stops retrograding and will continue through Scorpio, once again entering your sign in early August, where it may return with a vengeance.  Use Mars to focus getting things done, versus pushing you  in all directions where nothing gets done.

  Saturn has been travelling through your sign now since later last year and boy has it been giving you a wake up call.  It puts a lot of responsibility on your shoulders and then asks – do you really deserve it?  OR…is it perhaps giving you a sense of identity, and do you really need it in order to figure out who you are!   On March 25th Saturn starts to retrograde, giving you a bit of a reprieve to figure it all out, before it turns direct and starts again on August 13th. 
   Sagittarians born December 1st – December 8th should know what I’m talking about!  Saturn will review this lesson with you late in the Fall.  Now is the time to practice saying the word “No!”.   Sagittarians born up to December 13th will have the opportunity to learn this lesson this year!

    Full Moon of May 21st is in your sign.  Sitting right next to this Full Moon is retrograding Mars – so Duct Tape may be in order.  Your straight-forwardness may not be appreciated at this Full Moon.  Perhaps its best that you use the Full Moon for a ‘planning’ day of an upcoming trip – do some armchair travelling today – it may indeed save your friendships.  Speaking our truth can often be great – but when Mars, our planet of aggression sits next to it, it may come out just all wrong!

    Also, the next Full Moon of June 20th is also in your sign.  This Full Moon is at 29 Degrees Sagittarius and in the world of astrology this is considered a ‘critical degree’ where we often see World Events take place.  Shining on the late degrees of Gemini going to a Play or visiting some Political Event can be quite enjoyable during this time.

    New Moon on November 29th happens in your sign!  Curling up with a good book about far-away lands can take you back in time – to perhaps places you lived in other lifetimes.  You can hear the Victorian Ages calling your name – ahhh the joy of freedom to be able to read anytime you so wish!  Nobody enjoys their freedom as much a Sagittarius!

    The last Mercury retrograde doesn’t ‘start’ in your sign – it starts in Capricorn…but it does retrograde back into your sign.  (Dec 19th – Jan 8th).  Do not make last minute travel plans for Christmas.  If any airline tickets have to be purchased, please ensure you do it before the Mercury retrograde begins - Dec 19th – otherwise who knows where you may end up for Christmas!  Please note: - its okay to travel during this time – just make sure you have all your travel plans in place before this time.

   Even though Jupiter is not going through your sign of Sagittarius (it’s going through Virgo) – but Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, so it always matters where it is travelling.  With Jupiter traveling through Jupiter in this past year, it has made you more social and 2016 won’t be any different.  The first part of 2016, you may decide to hunker down and spend time alone, but once May hits, you are back to the races and by the time Jupiter hits Libra in September the door will be open to bring new people within your life.  Sagittarius, you are on a roll!

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