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Intuitive Astrologer
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One-Year  Personalized Program just for you!

Truly Live your Destiny

        This program is based entirely on your Astrological Chart that is unique to you.  Just like the world is divided into Seasons - so is our life.  Seasons of Your Life program helps navigate you throughout this upcoming important year in your life.

         We spend time reviewing:
          - your Natal Chart which shows us the Authentic You. Who are you?
          - your Solar Return chart which gives us a quick snapshot of what you should be focusing on this
            year and the expectations that will arrive from this.
          - each time we meet, we will be looking at the Transiting Chart - the planets as they are
            moving around today.     How can we best utilize each transit to get the most from where
            we are suppose to be?

        We pre-set 8 meeting times throughout the year  (twice per personal season).  This can be in person, or for those who are at a long distance, this can be done via Skype.  Each meeting allows us to narrow down the focus until the next meeting.  This allows for smaller plans of action which can be easily accomplished.  Life becomes an easier flow when we work with the planets versus against them.

         We talk about and set goals at our original meeting, and as the year progresses we implement steps that help us reach our desired goals.  Each session is recorded so you can have the opportunity of listening to the session for weeks following.

         Together, we will plan how to circumvent obstacles before they arise.  By discussing the movement of the planets, we can easily deduce the best times for actions.

         This will help us take command of our destiny, rather than meandering throughout life without a plan.  Is it any wonder we feel lost?

         This program can be used to:
         - Boost your career
         - Grow your money making potential
         - Increase fertility and creativity
         - Enhance opportunities for love and romance
         - Assist with engagement or marriage
         - Incrase health and vitality
         - Gain support for your business plan
         - Shift problems or challenges to a more neutral status
         - Emphasize talents and minimize weaknesses
         - Gain a competitive advantage - among other things.

         Few people work with their Solar Return Charts and hence allow the year to just pass without making any progress.  Year after year, we constantly say:  "Why do I feel stuck?  Why do I feel there is nowhere to go?"  This program will get you started on your authentic path and ensure you have a clear plan of action moving forward.

        With a little planning and focused attention, anyone can make full use of the gifts, talents and opportunities that are destined to unfold in the next year.  By using this "Seasons of your Life" planning program, it is possible to stack the deck in favor of opportunies and events, allowing anyone to make progress on their most cherished goals and dreams.

        It always helps on the journey when there is a strong tailwind at your back, and someone with insight to help you along your way.  Everyone can gain an advantage and put the forces of the Planets to work FOR them, rather than letting the winds of fate randomly navigate your destiny.

        Cost of this program is $60.00  - each time we meet.

       Welcome aboard.......Let's get started.............

Destiny Calls program
designed by   Holly Poole
Destiny Calls