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                                                                     April 20th - May 20th

                            Ruling Planet:    Venus                           Element:    Earth

            Glyph:   Bull's Horns                                   Keywords: Maintainer, loyal, sensual

Suggested Gemstones:  Alabaster, Green Agate, Chrysocolla, Dioptase, Emerald, Rose Quartz

Predictions for 2016 for Taurus
    Greatest changes in this upcoming year are for the Taurus individuals born:
                                                            April 23rd & 24th, May 4th, 5th, 13th, & 14th

    This is a relatively quiet year for youTaurus, however the second Mercury retrograde of the year happens in your sign – April 28th to May 22nd.   Taurus individuals love a deal…but during this time, you may want to check and double check to see if it truly IS a deal, or is it only an ‘assumed’ deal because it’s nice and shiny and catches your eye!  Ask LOTS of questions and make sure you do your own research – it may simply be Fools Gold wrapped up like a diamond.  You know how ‘shiny’ and ‘polished’ are some of your favourite words!  This is no secret to those who watch you in action!

      Venus moves into the sign of Taurus on April 29th.  Venus is very much at home here as she rules the sign of Taurus.  Taurus enjoys nice things, and Venus revels in the feeling of jewellery and plush cloths running through her fingers.   Venus has just come past unexpected events raised by Uranus – can she still afford what it is that she  truly wants?  Since entering Taurus, she has become more grounded so let me check the finances to see if I can swing it properly – last week while going through Aries she was going to take the leap anyway – now Taurus has grounded her – practicality reigns supreme!

     May 6th brings a New Moon into your Sign offering new avenues for you!  New ways of making money may be sitting right on your doorstep – don’t just casually step over it, take the time to check it out!  Also, New Moons highlights bringing in new people within your life - new loves, new situations, and new dynamics abound!

    November 14th brings the Full Moon to your sign Taurus.  Practicality reigns supreme at this Full Moon as we have a number of planets all lined up in Earth/Practicality signs.  Won’t be any fancy swanky expensive restaurant here……..but a quiet, cheap night at home…..Ohhh perhaps that aged bottle of whiskey that has been kept in the cellar for ages might work!  This Full Moon will remind you how much you already have spent on someone – no need to add to the costing when it may not be going anywhere. Do some Soul searching before going out to further the expenses.

   Even though Jupiter has not been travelling through your sign of Taurus, it still has been reminding you to beautify your surroundings around you.  It has opened up a creative flair you may not have even realized you had.  Good luck should be travelling on your side as Jupiter the planet of luck travels through your 5th house of opportunities.  Beware that Jupiter will retrograde on January 8th whereby your luck may be less so. Expect your luck to return after May 9th.  Early summer would be a great time to either sell your home or buy a new property.

    Uranus, planet of unexpected events have been travelling through your subconscious sector whereby sometimes life feels like it lives in another dimension.  Make sure you ground yourself as some of those fantasies may indeed be past-life memories simply coming to the surface.  If a new love enters your life, make sure to ask lots of questions – one of which is  “Are you available?”  The electricity of Uranus may be pulling in people into your life that evoke past life memories – but are they who you think they are in this lifetime?

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