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                                                         August 22nd - September 22nd

                             Ruling Planet:    Mercury                       Element:   Earth

          Glyph:   The Virgin                Keywords: Adaptable, discerning, service-oriented

Suggested Gemstones:  Moss Agate, Amazonite, Green Calcite, Howlite, Blue Sapphire,
Variscite, Verdite

  Predictions for 2016:

  Greatest changes in this upcoming year are for the Virgo individuals born
                                                August 28th & 29th, September 9th, 10th, 18th, & 19th

    Jupiter has been travelling through your sign since late in 2015 so you have been enjoying the fruits of Jupiter being the planet of expansion bringing Good luck to your sign.
     However, we are going to hit a Jupiter retrograde in very early January (Jan 8th) where I suspect life may feel like it is slowing to a crawl especially to our the Virgos born between Sept 6th – 29th.   Life may feel like you simply can’t find what you are looking for – you may indeed have the money to buy it, but it just doesn’t seem to be available.  When Jupiter turns direct again (May 9th) the world will open up and voila there is exactly what you have been looking for all along.

    Full Moon on February 22nd is in your sign Virgo – some parts of this work life has to go away!!  And perhaps this Full Moon can make that happen for you!

    On March 8th we will have a Solar Eclipse in Pisces – the sign straight across from yours Virgo.  The Solar Eclipse will shine the light on you to ask if you are doing everything possible to help with your health.  The Eclipse will ask you not to be critical of what you have done for your health (or not)…..just simply get a move on – don’t look back, use this as a ‘starting point’ – we can’t change yesterday – we can only change tomorrow!

    August 30th – September 22nd gives us our third Mercury retrograde of the year.  This Mercury retrograde is entirely within your sign - - making your ability for ‘attention to detail’ to become somewhat cloudy.  Make sure you are explicit in what you are trying to say as this is the time that the tongue completely gets tongue-tied and you will swear that is NOT what you had said - - when indeed Virgo it truly was.  Think before you put tongue in gear during this time!
   On Sept 1st we have a Solar Eclipse happening at 9 Deg Virgo so it will majorly affect our Late Aug/early September Virgonians.  Solar Eclipses are asking us to open our doors to the ‘new’ - - Solar Eclipses offer new opportunities to us – helping us relate to our purpose in life.

   So much going on in your sign this year Virgo that it will be hard to simply keep up.  All of your Angular houses within the chart are being highlighted so this year will be one to remember Virgo as massive changes abound.  Last couple of years may have been dull – but that won’t be one comment you’ll make after finishing 2016.

  When Mars and Saturn come together this year in 2016 there are some major decisions that have to be made – especially around your living arrangements.  Both Mars & Saturn will have you spinning somewhat trying to decide how much responsibility you want to hold in moving forward around your living quarters – will you move?  It’s a high possibility – why keep two places running when you only need one for living?


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