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ClDestiny Calls
(the 'calming' stone)

     Smoky Quartz has always been known as the ‘calming stone’.  When you meditate with the intent of drawing negative energy away from yourself, lay with a smoky quartz at the bottom of your feet, pointing away from you.  This will gather the negative energy within the you, and release it outward.  You can easily use a stone such as it shown directly to the left, or a Smokey quartz wand.

    This is also a great stone for anyone who may find themselves grieving.  It helps to relieve the sense of loss; whether this is physical loss in someone dying, or the loss of a situation that one believed would have a different outcome.  This stone produces calmness within, helping us to cope better with our problems by dissolving tension.

    I have numerous smokey quartz wands and stones  that I use during some of my Gemstone Therapy sessions.  I have a very special Smokey Quartz wand that I use for 'drawing out' energy from an individual.  If we are doing a Past-Life session and an individual is carrying a certain type of illness left over from a past-life, or an ingrained memory that is keeping them back in this life - I will use a Smokey Quartz.

    Other healing effects produced by smoky quartz is to strengthen connective tissues as well as muscles.  This is a fantastic stone for people who have found themselves inactive for some time – especially due to an illness.  It helps in the repair of broken bones and the connective tissue around those bones.

    It also relieves extreme tension within the back and the jaw muscles.   It works by drawing off blockages, absorbing the excess or blocked energy that may be contributing to the pain or the discomfort.

    Our Chakras hold 7 layers.....the first 3 top layers dealing with 'this' lifetime, however the bottom 4 layers deals with past lifetimes.  Once again Smoky Quartz is fantastic to use doing down through these particular layers.

    It can calm the turmoil of not being able to get pregnant.  Smoky quartz will help to induce the sexual glands.  So it is believed that if couples wish to have a child, they should use an elixir of smoky quartz.  Each night, a smoky quartz should be left in a glass of water, and in the morning, both partners should drink the energetically induced water.

    Because smoky quartz is connected to our sexual organs, it can help people with menopausal issues if we meditate and lay the stone directly on our root chakra.  Again this will draw off the excess energy and bring balance.  Simply holding the smoky quartz, will help to reduce the intensity of hot flashes.

    Upon completion of a Gemstone Therapy session, I will slowly run a smoky quartz wand down the body of the client.  I watch closely to see any changes happening within the stone.  This automatically tells me if there are any blockages left within the client’s body that we need to continue working on

    Smoky quartz was once believed to be a good stone to take into battle.  It was said to warn fighting soldier of danger.  The stone would turn a darker color when it sensed danger. 

      If there were one stone, within my collection, that I rely on the most - I would have to say it is my smoky quartz.  A stone collection, is not a collection without at least one...or two...or three...or four (whatever you want!!) of smoky quartz.  In my world, you can never have enough!!