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ClDestiny Calls
(with or without Ruby content)

    Zoisite seems to be one of those stones that people either think ‘its pretty’ or not like it at all.  It has often been referred to as a very ‘magical’ stone, because the energies can be used for so many different purposes.

    I have a Zoisite (with ruby) wand that I use during some of my Gemstone Therapy sessions.  And I say “some” sessions because Zoisite holds the ‘green’ energy (being a ‘green’ stone) of course, and I personally believe that ‘green’ is used for ‘growing’ together of bones and/or ligaments.   Because of this belief, I never use green energy on someone who has had Cancer.  We do not need further growth in that particular case.

    Zoisite is best known for its ‘reenergizing’ ability.  It reconnects and regenerates people who may be feeling down for whatever reason.   Sometimes when we have had a bad cold or flu, our energy feels somewhat low.  I would definitely use my Zoisite wand on people who are looking to rebuild their strength after a lengthy illness.

     When I broke my foot a number of years ago, I taped zoisite over the breakage to help the bones within the foot to mend and grow back together again properly.  Green stones of any kind are wonderful for broken bones.

      Zoisite with ruby content can help to dispel laziness as the ‘red’ within the Ruby content can bring back ‘fieriness’ and a reason to get up and go again.  When we feel we need a bit more ‘umph’ in our life, the red energy – in this case from the Ruby content, (whether we wear a red shirt, or drink a red drink  ie Cream soda pop, the red vibration) aids to re-energize.

     We also know that in the ‘chakra’ world, our Heart Chakra can often be seen as ‘green’ energy.   So when people come for Gemstone Therapy after they have had a Heart Operation, I will often use my Zoisite stones (without the ruby energy).  Working with individuals after heart operations, we are very cognizant of how much ‘red’ we bring into their system until their heart is able to handle it.  Over time I will introduce the Zoisite (with ruby) - - but definitely not the first time they experience Gemstone Therapy.

      If people seem to be having what I refer to as a ‘sluggish spleen’ – I will highly use my Zoisite (with ruby) wand.  This will increase the energy within the spleen area and kick-start its use.

      In my opinion, everyone’s toolkit needs to include a Zoisite.  One never knows when one needs to re-energize.....or grow back broken bones.