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Mercury Retrogrades: - where communication is non-existent
a)be extremely careful what you buy
b)be extremely careful what you sign

January 5th – January 25th
April 28th – May 22nd
August 30th – September 22nd
December 19th – January 8th (2017)

Mars Retrograde – where often anger gets turned inward – make sure you watch the ‘way’ you speak during this time but please be honest!  And be aware of a lot of aggressive behaviour when it turns direct in June.   (April 17th – June 29th)

Jupiter Retrograde – even though this retrograde takes place in the sign of Virgo, it will indeed affect all of us!  The year will definitely start on a very slow note……and by the time Jupiter stops retrograding – I suspect the economy will be on an immensely slow crawl.  We will ALL be extremely glad when Jupiter starts turning direct again.   (January 8th – May 9th)

Saturn Retrograde – the amount of responsibility we place on ourselves can be exorbitant.  With Saturn travelling through the sign of Sagittarius this year, freedom will be a great priority for all signs.  This year Saturn will also be forcing us to look at our ‘Dreams’ – what are they – and how are we going to make it happen?  (March 25th – August 13th)

Mar 8th - - Solar Eclipse   18 Deg Pisces
Mar 23rd - - Lunar Eclipse   3 Deg Libra
Sept 1st – Solar Eclipse  9 Virgo
Sept 16th – Lunar Eclipse 24 Pisces

Individual Predictions Per Astrological Sign for 2016

Aries  -  March 20th - April 18th

Taurus - April 19th - May 19th

Gemini - May 20th - June 19th

Cancer - June 20th - July 21st

Leo - July 22nd - August 21st

Virgo - August 22nd - September 21st

Libra - September 22nd - October 21st

Scorpio - October 22nd - November 20th

Sagittarius - November 21st - December 20th

Capricorn - December 21st - January 19th

Aquarius - January 20th - February 18th

Pisces - February 19th - March 19th