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ClDestiny Calls
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In 2015

  Most everyone will agree that there are few hard feelings that the year 2014 has bit the dust!  Astrologers, all over the world, foretold of difficulties to be experienced through 2014 for a number of reasons (which I will cover later).

  Numerologically if you add the numbers 2+0+1+4, it adds to the number ‘7’.  So, on a numerological forefront the year of ‘7’ always foretells of Drama, Useless Concerns (most of which don’t happen), and Focus on the tiny minute details instead of looking at the big picture!  A lot of people has had difficulty maintaining focus over this past year.

  Numerologically if we add 2015 together, it adds to the number ‘8’ - - this year is all about Abundance and Prosperity.  It is the year to become more focused on the greater scheme of things.  It is a year of ‘looking forward to reaching goals’ that appear to have been stymied for some reason.  It is a year to look beyond dramatics to what is real.

   Astrologers have held a focus on two particular planets in the sky – Uranus and Pluto.  And yes…Pluto really is a planet!   In the mid-sixty’s Uranus and Pluto held the same position together in the sky – this, of course created all the events around Human Rights – it created a revolution of sorts – not unlike what we are seeing with this Uranus & Pluto alignment of today.  Late in 2012 was the first indication of those two particular planets making a connection (1st time since the 60’s).  Then throughout 2013 and 2014 the planets continued to come together and push apart - - we have one more alignment in 2015 before these planets will move apart once again separating for the next 30+ years.  This alignment will take place mid-March.   But, it has changed the world at large.  Uranus is the planet that creates ‘unexpected events. Its energy incites wars and it creates change and puts a whole lot of attention on anything electronic.  Uranus entered the sign of Aries in late 2011 creating unsettlement for people who were born late March-early April.  Uranus awakens consciousness and forces us to look outside of the box for answers.

    Pluto is going through the sign of Capricorn – creating massive changes in the world of business and how business is conducted.  In mid 2008, Pluto entered into the sign of Capricorn and the world of business began its massive change starting with the car industry, then the large banks and now it is moving into the agriculture and real estate business.  Pluto is a planet that brings on endings to start new beginnings.  Capricorn individuals (especially those born late December – January 8th) has, over this past 6 years experienced massive changes in their lives.

      As these alignments get moving, you will find that the dramatics of 2014 will continue to diminish and the opening for the prosperity will emerge for 2015.

       The planet, Saturn entered the sign of Sagittarius in December 2014 – so we will see a huge over-haul of the airline and travel industry.  As I write this article, a plane has just gone down after leaving Indonesia.  I suspect this is simply the beginning of a new responsibility towards the travel industry of all kinds.  This past 2 years Saturn has moved through the sign of Scorpio where we investigated the police industry (hence the situation in Ferguson).  It also forced things, once thought well-buried, to be unearthed and brought to the surface (hence the money scandal in the government being un-earthed).  Thankfully we are through Saturn’s sojourn in Scorpio…and now with it entering into Sagittarius, this allows truthfulness to be laid on the table.  There are a lot of answers that will await us throughout 2015.  It too will create a different way of doing business as throughout the year ‘transparency’ will be required – perhaps where it was not requested before.  Who knows what information we will be able to attain!  Saturn going through the sign of Sagittarius will ask you not only to ‘talk your talk’, but also to ‘walk your talk’.   Sagittarians born late November will have pressure on them to determine self-identity and also how they wish to move forward with life.

  Jupiter, our planet of expansion, unfortunately starts this year in a retrograde motion – which means it is not running at full force.  So the year will begin slowly – forcing us all to re-evaluate what the best way is to move forward, to allow for expansion to enter our life.  Early April is when the flood-gates open and truly we welcome the prosperity of 2015.  Jupiter going through the sign of Leo will allow for a lot of creativity and beauty to abound.  I expect to see a lot of expansion within the beauty industry as well as the entertainment industry.  Think BIG when we think about the planet Jupiter going through the sign of Leo – it allows for multiple possibilities – some of which we can’t even imagine at this point in time.

    “As above, so below” is a common saying among Astrologers.  People often go through their day without even thinking about what is happening in the heavens.  If you think about how the Moon controls the tides of the oceans – and then realize your body is well over 70% water – from a logical standpoint – how can it not affect your day-to-day existence?   The energy from the planets have been creating massive energy shifts on the earth plane – most of which Astrologers have foretold years in advance.

     I look forward to the upcoming energy of 2015 - - it is time we got away from the dramatics and stopped worrying about what other people were doing.  Its time to look within and question - - What am “I” doing to make “My” life a better life?  If each of us played our own individual parts, what an amazing and fantastic world this could be!

                                                                               Holly Poole
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