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                                                                 October 22nd - November 21st 

                                     Ruling Planet:    Mars  (Pluto)             Element:    Water

                          Glyph:   Scorpion Tail                             Keywords: Transformation, intensity

Suggested Gemstones: Apache Tear, Red Coral, Kunzite, Labradorite, Malachite, Mahogany                                                                             Obsidian, Black Pearl, Tourmalated Quartz, Serpentine

   Predictions for 2016

    Greatest changes in this upcoming year are for the Scorpio individuals born:
                                                 October 26th & 27th, November 7th, 8th, 16th & 17th

    Mars enters your sign in very early January.  Mars is extremely strong in Scorpio as it is believed to be a co-ruler of Scorpio.  Use this time to push forward on things you may have felt lax about over the Christmas holidays.  By early March, Mars will have moved into the next astrological sign of Sagittarius.    However, in mid-April, Mars starts to retrograde where it will return back into your sign to help clear up anything that needs to be completed.
   Be aware that when Mars turns direct (June 29th) – it will create immense frustration and angst if things are still not complete after all of this time.

   Full Moon on April 22nd is in your sign Scorpio – such a romantic as you are – this Full Moon night would make for a wonderful evening of dinner and dancing!  Howl at the Moon Scorpios – you know you want to!

    The second New Moon in October belongs in your court Scorpio – October 30th.  This new moon sits right next to Mercury in Scorpio - - what an amazing night to play a game such as “Clue” or “Battleships”.  If you are really in the mood - - might be a great night to start the book  “365 days of making love in bed” – you know you wanna Scorpio!

   Even though Jupiter is not going through your sign it is still highlighting your hopes and dreams and wishes in life.  The beginning part of 2015 help a bit of a dismal kinda look – but once we got rolling into the summer, things brightened up.  We will see somewhat of the same happening in 2016 as Jupiter will retrograde until May 9th.  This will allow you to play catch up with the things that had already started in 2015 – then its on to new things…..hence here comes the spring of 2016.  Make sure everything is in order – bills are paid, jobs are complete, bucket list is made etc. because when Jupiter turns, she will expect you to be ready!  Perhaps you may even wish to join a totally different social group than you had been with before.

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