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     Snowflake Obsidian is such a beautiful stone.  As I am writing this article I'm actually holding  an orb of Snowflake Obsidian similiar to the one in the top right corner.

      When doing Gemstone Therapy I often use my Snowflake Obsidian when someone has come to me due to a structural issue in their body - - ie  a lot of backache.....pain in the bones of the legs.....varicose veins etc.

      In the world of Medical Astrology the sign of Capricorn is connected to the bone structure of the body - and so often I'll choose to use this stone on Capricorns just because they are some of the people who struggle with bone issues such as the necessity of knee replacements.

     Also in Medical Astrology, the sign of Capricorn is also connected to 'skin' issues so if someons comes to me because they are trying to clear up acne - I usually suggest they allow for the vibration of Snowflake Obsidian to implement their acne cream, or to also allow it to sit in water and then splash the water on the face. 

      Those of us in the Energy world, know that people who deal with a lot of leg issues - it can be about the emotional inability to move forward with their life.  They often feel stuck and without vision.  Snowflake Obsidian will help to break down these barriers that keep them stuck.  It can easily purge negativity (because of the 'blackness' within the stone) and change the negative thought patterns.  This stone asks us to confront our harmful thought patterns and to realize that things which annoy us in others is simply a mirror back onto ourselves.   Snowflake obsidian is made of silica with rich volcanic glass - giving us the 'mirror back on self' imaging.

     Snowflake Obsidiian has often been called the "Stone of purity and balance"  so I will often have a client 'hold my gemstone" and we'll do a meditation on bringing balance back into one's life - especially if they feel a sense of isolation - either self-induced or just not feeling like they are not 'fitting' in anymore.

      Any black gemstone will absorb negativity - but not all black gemstones will then turn the negativity into thoughts of purity.  Because Snowflake Obsidian has both the 'black' and the 'white' - this is where we get the polarity of the 'pulling in of the negative......and the turning the thoughts around to purity'........   It forces us to recognize those ingrained patterns of behavior.  It teaches us to value our mistakes and to help us see sometimes how those 'mistakes' were necessary in order for us to move forward in life.

    It is a GREAT stone to have in your toolkit!  Sometimes all of us needs a bit of a reminder to 'turn those thoughts around'......


- for Re-vision of Thoughts