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-The Stone of Magic

  I think Tanzanite is one of the most beautiful stones to both gaze into, or to hold and feel the vibration.  Most people don't realize that it actually is a variety of Zoisite.

   Just like blue-lace agate can be used to stimulate the throat chakra, so can tanzanite.  But the extended use to tanzanite, it can not only be used for the throat chakra, but it also stimulates the 3rd eye and the crown chakra bringing alignment within all three.

    When I use tanzanite in Gemstone Therapy treatment, I use it to incorporate all forms of communication - it brings together not only our speech, but also the ability to use the psychic powers allowing the communication of visions.  So people who do Angel Therapy, and Channelling work will often hold a piece of tanzanite to help ignite intuition as it stimulates the connection to the higher realms.

  The range of colors for Tanzanite can be from colorless blue to a deeper purple (as we see in the lower right picture).  The higher the  quality of the stone will ensure the closeness to the purple hue.

   I call it the stone of magic because it creates a perfect symatry between our personal power and the ability to manifest.   Some stones are used maninly for the ability to 'fore-see' the manifestation whereby tanzanite can be used to take us all the way to the end of the manifestation - helping it to come into being.  It is believed that this stone can bring the revelation of the Gods to mankind.

  In Gemstone Therapy I often will use it with skin disorders - helping to dimish rashes.  It is also a great stone to help with disorders of the spinal chord.  Laying a person on their tummy and aligning a full line of tanzanite down their spine and polarizing each stone can help correct mis-alignment.

  The 'magic' and 'power' within the tanzanite stone almost feels outer-worldly - - if you get a chance to use one - - I highly recommend you give it a try.